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Athletes, coaches, parents

Most of Sara’s involvement with athletes has been focused on swimmers. She has been working with multiple swim clubs and individual swimmers around the world, sharing a very practical, swimming-specific view on psychology. One of Sara’s long term contributions (5 years and counting) includes work with Dubai’s most successful swim team- Hamilton Aquatics- where she mentors and educates swimmers on various performance topics, ranging from 10-18 years of age.

Sara encourages young swimmers to pursue their studies and swimming careers in the U.S., using her strong connections and ties with college coaches and programs, advising young athletes on swim programs and helping them acquire athletic scholarships.

She recently combined all her swimming knowledge and experiences into her first book: “Between2lanes Mental Training,” where she talks about practical swimming psychology, equipping swimmers with most relevant mental tools to endure their challenging training and competition environment. The mental training program is based on awareness training and visualisation techniques. Sara’s long term plan is to build an online platform where all swimmers around the world will gain access to psychological skills and tools–including You Tube lectures, interviews with renowned swimmers as well as relevant mental training material for coaches and club teams. Apart from swimmers, Sara lectures to audiences of coaches and parents as well. She helps them understand the importance of addressing their athlete’s mental health, while working on personal self-awareness as a way to reassure healthy, supportive relationships. She is enthusiastic to help swimmers perform more freely and fearlessly, building her own theories and practices to help coaches ensure a confident training environment at the pool.

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