So Far


Extreme performers


Sara spent 6 months with Rowegians (4 Norwegian ladies), mentally preparing them to power through their gruelling 5000 km row across the Atlantic (Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge). Two hours on (rowing) and two hours off (resting), 24 hours a day, every day, was both mentally and physically challenging. The girls needed mental discipline, motivation, a calm, composed mind, and very heightened self-awareness, to manage the negative inner battles, relationships on board and unbearable weather conditions during the stormy weather. Rowegian’s journey was a success, as the girls to became the fastest European women crossing in just 36 days!

Photo by Ben Duffy

Nataša Briški

Sara contributed to Nataša Briški’s (renowned Slovenian journalist) preparation for the Euro-Arabian North Pole expedition. Apart from the physical challenge, the 100km long skiing journey, Nataša needed a right kind of mindset to manage daily challenges in extremely cold weather conditions.

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