DATE: 02.-05.09. London

Changing the Lens to Respect Clean Sport.

EVENT: Bodi Dober Bodi Kul

DATE: 11.09. Brdo pri Kranju

Helping and inspiring young generations through role-modeling

EVENT: Urad Vlade za Komuniciranje

DATE: 13.09. Ljubljana

Discussing optimal performance under pressure, and acquiring a positive
attitude towards challenges in life.

EVENT: Glasbena Šola Kranj

DATE: 18.09. Kranj

Psychological Resilience in the World of Music

EVENT: Vrtec Vodice

DATE: 19.09. Vodice

Healthy psychological and physical development for kids (lecture for

EVENT: Kolo Poslovnega Uspeha

DATE: 22.09. Ljubljana

How do we tap into our full potential?

EVENT: SAVA Zavarovalnica

DATE: 27.09 Velenje

SAVA Zavarovalnica

EVENT: Cosmo Konferenca #jazsrečna

DATE: 30.09. Ljubljana

How do I become the best version of myself? Talking about confidence
(positive self-esteem and self-worth), visions, dreams and healthy self-talk.