People and psychology. Both begin with the letter ‘p’ yet they are not as familiar with each other as they might appear. To this day there is a disconnect between the two. People go about their daily lives not giving much thought about what is happening in side their minds, neither conscious or subconscious, and how it affects their daily functioning. As if their minds aren’t a part of them. The only time people take action is when mental battles have progressed way too far and detrimental consequences are bound to occur. Usually this is the time and space where psychological help becomes one of shame and embarrassment, the ‘something is wrong with me’ type of feeling. As a result, deeper healing needs to be done and a lot of time, energy and money is spent on recovering the shattered inner world.

It would be much easier if people understood that psychology is with us every day. It is who we are. It is what we think, feel and do on a daily basis. It is not only a healing based practice, something that should only be addressed and talked about when serious mental issues prevail, yet, it is a topic that needs to be discussed and taught before hand. Seen as a type of preventative system– a coping mechanism, a tool box and skillset that equips individuals with ways to manage life’s challenges– both internal and external. Having a healthy mind is a choice (here we are excluding unfortunate mental illnesses that need serious clinical treatment- I am assuming you are a generally healthy individual). It’s purposeful everyday effort, rituals and habits that wire psychological resilience. Just like a healthy body doesn’t happen by chance, a healthy mind doesn’t either. Training is necessary. But how can we make this transition– from a distant relationship ‘I don’t want to confront my inner world,’ to a curious and friendly ‘what’s my mind like?’ type of attitude. How can we make psychology practical, fun and relatable? How can we make it a part of your everyday life? The ‘brushing your teeth before bed,’ type of ritual, so your mind can stay strong and healthy. The kind of habits which keep your mind safe, like a protective mental armour.

That is why you’re here! In the world of practical performance psychology. Might sounds like it is reserved for highly ambitious, performance oriented people…but is it really? No, it’s for everyone! Simply learning to optimize your mindset so that you can be your best every day. It’s time for people of various backgrounds to master their own inner worlds and consequently live their life in a more peaceful, fulfilled way. Whether it is for simple feel-good reasons or achievements beyond current reach.

This is a place where the mind matters. A place where people and psychology become the ‘bestest’ of friends. Talking about the mind feels homey and comfortable. Mental battles are real, and are welcome. This is where people are empowered, inspired and equipped with resilience skills for life. It’s cool and fresh. The kind of practical advice that truly makes a difference. The type you can’t wait to practice and continue to develop. Welcome.